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Avast Secure Browser Review

The avast browser review is a excellent way to safeguard your privacy online. It’s a fantastic Chromium-based internet browser with plenty of security tools that are built-in to it, such as ad blocking, malware, antiphishing and many more. It’s www.connectsecure.info/best-vpn-no-logs-services/ also a top performer in terms of speed and stability.

It was initially included with Avast’s antivirus software but is now an independent browser that can be used to make the most of your online experience. It’s based on Chromium, the same open-source engine that powers Chrome and Vivaldi. Furthermore, it is easy to import your bookmarks and settings from other browsers.

Avast claims their browser is four times faster than other privacy focused browsers. The company’s claims are backed by evidence in benchmark tests. I’ve personally tested it and found that it truly is faster than the average browser, even when all of its privacy features are enabled.

There are a ton of other features in Avast’s browser that you can’t find and nowhere else. The ad blocker for instance, is designed to stop websites from throwing you ad after ad which slows down your browsing speed. It also blocks all the tracking that occurs on your computer. It even blocks fingerprinting on your browser, ensuring that you aren’t tracked across websites. In fact, it’s so good in securing your privacy it has been crowned the best in its class by experts such AV-Comparatives.

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