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Working For Digital Marketing


Digital marketing involves the promotion of products or services by using a variety of online channels. You can concentrate on social media, or search engine optimization (SEO), and implement strategies to help websites rank highly in Google searches to draw more people.

The role is often one-on-one, and you could be working with designers, copywriters or animators on projects, which is why collaboration skills are vital. You may also be required to research your client’s competitors in order to know which methods of advertising are most efficient for their business. You’ll be expected to plan campaigns, work with clients, study new methods of digital marketing and evaluate the effectiveness of the existing strategies to ensure that they are delivering the most value for money.

You might be working on projects of a short duration with business owners who need help creating their brand or an advertising campaign. You can also handle more long-term projects in conjunction with a marketing agency. You can create and monitor their social media presence or manage their website analytics.

You will be well-suited to a career in digital marketing if you are empathetic, and can put yourself into the shoes of your clients to better understand their needs, challenges and wants. Being flexible as well as able to take on new challenges and receive feedback are crucial attributes, as digital marketing is always evolving and you must be ahead of the curve. As you gain knowledge, you could decide to become a digital marketing manager or seek an executive post.

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